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Mexico Vacation Travel Guide

I have always loved Mexico, having grown up in Southern California. I began exploring Mexico in my teens, often while playing hooky from High School. I and a few friends would fill the VW Bug with camping gear and head to Baja California. If we had more than a weekend we would travel to the Sea of Cortez where we would swim and fish and eat. It was a wonderful life, full of excitement and beauty. The weather was always hot and humid and we ran around naked, carefree and in love with the world.

Mexico Vacation Travel

Mexico Vacation Travel brings many rewards, relaxation, discovery, adventure, romance. I love the museums in Mexico City and Guadalajara. The ocean scene in Puerto Vallarta and Los Cabos is outstanding. The most beautiful beaches in the world can be found at the tip of Baja California Sur.

On a visit to Los Barriles, Baja California Sur, I rented a luxury home on the beach overlooking the sea of Cortez, windsurfing and sport fishing filled my days and drunken madness the nights. Give Eastcape Vacation Rentals a call when you want to rent a fine villa or even a smart shack. Not far from Los Barriles is Cabo San Lucas, perhaps the most famous destination in Baja California, certainly with the jet setters as the prices are outrageous with beach side condos selling for one million dollars and more. But the blue-green waters are world class and the night life can force one into sleeping all day!

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My next trip will be to Oaxaca as I love the city and want to see how the jungles and beaches have developed. The best weavings come from the mountain villages outside of Oaxaca and the scenery is stunning.