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Mexico Vacation Entertainment Info

Mexican Hollywood

The Mexican film industry is large and has shined during their “Golden Era” throughout the 40’s and 50’s. Rivaled only by Hollywood in size and quality, Mexican films are exported and exhibited in Europe and throughout Latin America. With the largest media industry in Latin America, many TV shows and specials are filmed in Acapulco and with their music being as diverse as their culture including the sounds of Ranchera, Mariachi, Banda, Norteno and Corridos along with Pop and Rock in both English and Spanish.

Food in Mexico

“Mexican Food” is synonymous for its intense flavor, which is given by various spices including Chile, Cumin, and Oregano. As diverse as the country itself, the cuisine in Mexico has been influenced by the Spanish settlers along with the pre Hispanic Aztecs and Mayans, so depending on where you go, the food specialties of every region have a colorful and markable difference. Some of the most common foods include; Tacos, Enchiladas, Mole, Ceviches and Escabeches, along with Rice and Beans. Along the beaches, you can find every kind of Fish being served and each town has its own specialties.

Mexico Pyramid of Niches