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Mexico Health Care Guide

Health issues are the number one concern for people that would like to relocate and reside in a foreign country, and the health care in Mexico is considered excellent. Along with lower prices, Mexico has highly trained doctors and their hospitals are equipped with the latest technology and equipment.

The drinking water in Mexico leaves a lot to be desired and the rule of thumb for foreigners visiting the country is never drink the tap water in Mexico. Everyone is aware of the phrase “Montezuma’s Revenge” and its implications, so care must be taken to avoid disembowelment Mexican Style. Only drink bottled water, avoid salads that are served in restaurants, and beware of fast food taco stands on the streets throughout Mexico.

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Medical insurance while traveling in a foreign country is often overlooked and could become an important issue if you were to become ill and incapacitated. Below are the links for one of the companies offering International Health Insurance for you to become familiar with the rates and coverage that is currently available.


The IMSS nationwide health insurance program offers basic options for foreigners residing in Mexico which include Doctors visits, minor injuries and hospital stays including Intensive care for under $225 per year. Important to note though, it usually takes up to 9 months for this coverage to take effect and with this plan you also are limited to the IMSS doctors that are supplied by this insurance.

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The best private coverage available with a $1,000,000 yearly limit would be an International medical plan that includes Mexico. Covering all medical costs in the finest hospitals around the world, there are many policies that are available for around $1,000 per year.


Mexico has almost every kind of medicine that is available anywhere else in the world with prices comparatively cheaper than that of Europe or The United States.
Prescriptions are not generally required however and one of the major problems is there are few trained pharmacists throughout the country, so consulting a doctor is advisable along with the correct Spanish / English translation.


The better equipped and more professional hospitals are located in the major cities throughout the country. Mexico City, Monterrey, Guadalajara all have bilingual doctors and staff.