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mexico vacation travel guides

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Northern Mexico has extreme differences in climate which is characterized by deserts, natural reserves and mountains. Northern Mexico is also where the country’s industrial centers are located.

Central Mexico is where the true heart of Mexico is and where you can find the flavor of this large and diverse country. From the small pueblos to the larger cities that are scattered along the central region, you’ll discover the many small pockets, which make up this similar yet diverse country.

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Gulf and Southern Mexico has an abundance of jungles, ideal for ecotourism.

Yucatan Peninsula known as the entrance to the Mayan World, here is where you’ll find the jungle meeting white sand beaches and turquoise waters with a Caribbean flair. This area also has the second largest reef system that has been quoted by Jacques Cousteau as one of the most important reef environments throughout the world which attracts tourists from all parts of the globe that are interested in Scuba Diving.

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Pacific Coast is where you’ll find the best beaches in Mexico for surfing and where people from around the world come to enjoy world-class sport fishing. The cities that are found along the coast are rich in culture and diverse in food preparation.

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Baja California, which borders the Pacific Ocean to the West and the Sea of Cortez to the East, is where you’ll find the most diverse ocean bio diversity. This is also where the desert meets the sea and the small local towns that dot the coastline are geared to living off the ocean.