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Mexico Climate and Weather

Weather in Mexico is beautiful. Most Americans think of Mexico as a land of endless sunny days, warm ocean beaches, great food, tequila and wild wonderful escape from work.

Mexico is subtropical with diverse climates, lowland tropical hot and humid, to mesa deserts, and even mountains with snow. Many people live in the highland plateau where Guadalajara and Mexico City are located because the weather is very comfortable, spring like, except during the rainy season between June and September when cleansing rain showers break the heat.

The north central part of Mexico is primarily desert where the temperatures are rather hot during the day but cool down quickly at night. The Gulf of Mexico, the Caribbean and the Mexican Yucatan are known for their year round hot humid climates. Many resorts are located here for this reason. The Pacific Ocean cities Like Puerto Vallarta and Acapulco can be quite pleasant except during the summer months when these areas are very hot and humid.